Holding Hands-is Intimate.

  Loved holdin hands with my brother and mother. theyr'e the best things I ever had in my lfe and now they gone and I wish I could be with them again. Someday I'll be holding their hands in heaven I hope-it happened on theirdeath beds.  I was holding my mothers hand when she passed away.

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You look at it as a bad anniversary andI am seeing it as an adventure-ha. Have never seen an ocean-it's on my bucket list. There are state parks aroound here some but we only have like 20 to go out of 72=not bad for 3 old ladies. Took a lng time cause my friend has meddle plate in her leg. Well worth the trips. In may hopefully we will hit s.dak.

The ocean is great except for one thing. I hate the thought of a sunami. I told my hubby I have to practice bending over more. He asked why? I want to be able to kiss my butt goodbye. He told me if I kissed his, he would do the same for me. Then he asked the neighbor man acroos the lane, where are we supposed to run. He pointed to our house and said, I keep a ladder handy to climb up on your roof. Oh no, I can just see a crowd descend on the designated spot. The garage floor is 11 ft above sea level. Add about 20 feet and that is it. I told him to contact the PUD and ask for old creosoted poles and build a tree house. We do have big Spruce trees on al ridge, but I'm in no condition to climb a tree. Are you close to Fairibault Min? I have Greenville relatives there but don't know them.

Dear Sibyll,

I am in some way connected but how diverse we are; “Me a selfish person thinking mainly of myself”. You to me just must be described as a saint. One thing that will last with me is what my Mother once said................ you will go through life accumulating spouses, friends and acquaintances’; but you only have one family. Whatever you may do or travel with and/or with, they will always love you.


That's what I always try to tell my son

The feel and touch of those who you care cannot be replaced. Amazing how our mind keeps those loving emotions even the sensations and vibes.
It must be a treasure to hold you mums hands. The feeling and the memory to comfort and keep you going. I was quite close to my grandma, but I was discouraged from spending much time with her. She was paternal grandma and tried to make up for her son's cruelty. I still remember the sunday school songs that she taught me as a child. Thank you for bringing these memories back to life. I must admit, I have tears in my eyes as I write.
God bless you sibyll.

You are specal to remember those memories. Keep them in your heart-your granma will always be with you and proud. My father's mother dies in the winter and he didn't show to the funeral-some families are really sick. Sorry I didn't write sooner. Take care of yourself. God bless.

I'm sorry to hear about your loss, keep on holding on and never let go, I do believe your mom past on knowing that she was not along, that was so inspiring. My Prayers going up for you.

You've experienced the best and worst and you've shared it with us Thank You. You Inspire!


I'm sad for your loss.

I still miss my big brother terribly, but I have never been able to shed a tear for my mother. I want you to know, from the other side of that coin, how wonderful I think it must have been to have been raised in a family of love. Did I say I was jealous? *HUGS*

Thanks-we went through alot her and I and him and I but I would go through it all again. Just wish I would have been with them more. We knew our mother loved us and I knew my brother did-it was what counted. Your'e right-it will balance out and is starting to. Got a new job-so better. Thanks for the sweet words from a stranger-means alot.

Part of the reason I cried was jealousy. You grew up in a wonderful family. Your life will become ballanced again. Life has a way of letting us heal. *HUGS*

Maybe we'll all meet in heaven-the good lord willing. Glad to meet you here. Ya-this is only partsially my share of crap but I have had alot of good things too, Want more good things-like to see an ocean,

The Pacific Ocean is very near to me, I really love the sunsets and the cloud formations are awesome. The pinks often come through. Are you still near any State or National Parks?
One time we tried to walk around the tip of the world's longest Peninsula. It was called Ledbetter Point. He convinced me it would make a circle and come right back to the State Park. Ha ! That was supposed to be our 25th Anniversary date. I complained because it took 8 hours to finally walk back across. I noticed he had a piece of nylon rope in his hand. "What is that for?" "Just in case you refuse to budge, I might have to use it." I would find a point and decide that would be a resting place. It was difficult walking through the sand. I told him he would have to let me soak in the bath tub as long as I wanted. Even if it was a bad anniversary, it taught me how to work through adversity.

Darn, Sibyll, it sure seems like you've had more than your share of troubles; but your story is inspring for me; i was not present when my mother passed, and i would have loved to hold her hand as she left me for greener pastures. She passed in 2003 from Alzheimer's and it seemed like I was the only one she recognized by name at the end. I had no help or even interest from my siblings, which was another responsibility i carry with pride. I too, hope to meet with her in heaven, and hold he hand and tell her i lover her once more. Thank you for writing your story!

Sorry-didn't mean for it to make anyone cry. She had pancreatic cancer and died eigh months after we lost my brother(my best friend) to bone and lung cancer. To say the least since then my life's been somewhat unbalanced. My mother would have done the same for me in the reverse situation. She was always there for me even when we fought. I've learned valuable lessons from this stuff tho-lifes to short for it to be taken forgranted or to be mean to people.

I won't comment on this story except to say it makes me want to cry.

I was holding my mother's hand when she passed away too. I think that holding someone's hand is a simple way of letting them know that you love them and that you are there...they are not alone. Thank you for telling your story and God Bless you.