Holding Hands-is Intimate.

  Loved holdin hands with my brother and mother. theyr'e the best things I ever had in my lfe and now they gone and I wish I could be with them again. Someday I'll be holding their hands in heaven I hope-it happened on theirdeath beds.  I was holding my mothers hand when she passed away.

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Dear Sibyll,

I am in some way connected but how diverse we are; “Me a selfish person thinking mainly of myself”. You to me just must be described as a saint. One thing that will last with me is what my Mother once said................ you will go through life accumulating spouses, friends and acquaintances’; but you only have one family. Whatever you may do or travel with and/or with, they will always love you.


The feel and touch of those who you care cannot be replaced. Amazing how our mind keeps those loving emotions even the sensations and vibes.
It must be a treasure to hold you mums hands. The feeling and the memory to comfort and keep you going. I was quite close to my grandma, but I was discouraged from spending much time with her. She was paternal grandma and tried to make up for her son's cruelty. I still remember the sunday school songs that she taught me as a child. Thank you for bringing these memories back to life. I must admit, I have tears in my eyes as I write.
God bless you sibyll.

I'm sorry to hear about your loss, keep on holding on and never let go, I do believe your mom past on knowing that she was not along, that was so inspiring. My Prayers going up for you.

You've experienced the best and worst and you've shared it with us Thank You. You Inspire!

I'm sad for your loss.

I still miss my big brother terribly, but I have never been able to shed a tear for my mother. I want you to know, from the other side of that coin, how wonderful I think it must have been to have been raised in a family of love. Did I say I was jealous? *HUGS*

Part of the reason I cried was jealousy. You grew up in a wonderful family. Your life will become ballanced again. Life has a way of letting us heal. *HUGS*

Darn, Sibyll, it sure seems like you've had more than your share of troubles; but your story is inspring for me; i was not present when my mother passed, and i would have loved to hold her hand as she left me for greener pastures. She passed in 2003 from Alzheimer's and it seemed like I was the only one she recognized by name at the end. I had no help or even interest from my siblings, which was another responsibility i carry with pride. I too, hope to meet with her in heaven, and hold he hand and tell her i lover her once more. Thank you for writing your story!

I won't comment on this story except to say it makes me want to cry.

I was holding my mother's hand when she passed away too. I think that holding someone's hand is a simple way of letting them know that you love them and that you are there...they are not alone. Thank you for telling your story and God Bless you.