Perhaps the Purest Form of Love...

The gesture of holding hands has meant different things to me throughout my life.  As a child, it meant I would be safe from errant cars while crossing the street or wouldn't get lost in a crowd.  In middle school, it was an innocent act of love from someone you were "going with," and the first dizzying feeling of romantic intimacy.  As a young adult, newly married, it meant "we are going somewhere together, and I wouldn't want to be going there with anyone else."  As a new mom, it meant "hang on...I'm here for you -- let's face this world together."   Even today, for my 93-year-old grandmother, it means "just a few more steps -- you're doing great!".

Regardless of the situation, you can't hold hands with someone without it being an expression of love, endlessly reciprocal, in its purest form.   In all cases, it means "for this single moment, right now, we belong together."  

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Aw, shucks, thanks! :)

That's a keeper. You have such a gift for writing experience stories. Thank you

Thanks for your comments, Destry. :)

Thanks, Carrot. I agree -- it's important to focus on the simple acts of love in the entire course our lives, I think...and touch is critical for our sense of belonging in the world.

thank YOU for your nice comments -- and I am humbled that anyone is inspired from this. I can tell you that a dear friend here inspired this story -- he impressed upon me the importance of the simple, loving acts which outweigh all the intense, complicated things we expect from one another...

A really thoughtful story, thanks ... Am kind of speechless now though! :o)

This is amazing! "...we belong together", i liked how you summed it all in just one sentence, wonderful....

gosh, *blush* thank you both! :)

Wow It really is a beautiful piece of writing. Hands-on!!

Beautiful. : )

thanks betty and sunny -- it's always a nice day when you get to hold hands with someone! :)

:) that's sweet!