Apart from making love or kissing, holding hands is the most intimate thing you can do with a partner -and it's publicly acceptable, too!

Because of the way we evolved to walk on two legs, our hands developed as super-sensitive tools for exploring and manipulating our environment. The hands and fingers contain a huge concentration of nerve endings, each with its own special direct connection to our brains.

Holding someone's hand is a sign of trust and confidence, and a recognition of another person's presence as a desirable thing.

I like the interlaced fingers type of hand-holding, which seems to maximise those feelings of security and allows the clear communication of feelings through little squeezes.

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comme gib me dina haand , i wanna hold you hand.. dum dum dum dum deeeeee dum dum dum dum deee.

Thanks Dex! I'll try to experiment your suggestion : }

You are spot-on with what you say about the high-tech teens having been distracted from those simple intimacies, pd. <br />
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I almost put a line in my previous comment about the way all these social networking sites can debase intimacy by allowing people to be virtually intimate with millions of people at once. We live in an exhibitionist culture and today's teens are steeped in it. Yet they still seem coy about public displays of affection.

I love holding hands too .. So intimate ..

That's true, pollydoll, now you come to mention it. Today's teens seem too cool to allow themselves to show affection publicly.<br />
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I love seeing older people holding hands, too. It's such a symbol of lasting devotion, and a sign of hope.<br />
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When I was much younger and having troubles with my relationships, I always used to look at affectionate older couples and wish my partner and I were old, too, and over all those dumb jealousies and betrayals and selfishnesses.<br />
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Thanks for your insightful comments.