I've always liked the idea of holding hands. When I was a little girl i would hold my own hand, and imagine it was a boys. I thought 'all I need in a boy is to hold his hand, and feel important to that person.' As i got older not many boys wanted to hold my hand, because I have pretty sweaty palms. I was embarrassed and the boys would always think something was wrong with me. I met my current boyfriend under a less than perfect situation. When we finally were alone for the first time, and he took my hand my heart was singing. He was my knight in shining amour, my hand was content, safe under his soft reassuring hand. He is the person who taught me about love, my advice is once you find the boy who holds your hand the right way, he's the boy who is to stay! ;)

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cuteee story! i have the sweaty palms issue too by the way - its not unusual. me and my bf just laugh it off. its always nice to feel his big warm hand envoloping my small one. :)

What a fantastic perception and a realistic one too. I too am of this belief....there is something very special contained in the holding of hands, as we can see in all parts of this planet, the holding of hands has much is accepted as an international sign of friendship and trust between peoples. It's what we do with our children, it's a physical connexion with another entity in this planet outside of ourselves.<br />
Thanx for sharing your wonderful story of simplicity, connectivity and loving.

aw thats so cute, esp the last sentence