Holding Hands With You.....

I love this poem, it just seems to say it all.

Holding Hands  (by CheeseMaker)

We sit together, your hand in mine,

Time matters not, all is fine;

The simple touch of skin to skin,

Stirs a warmth that reigns within.

Hand in hand, all barriers disolve,

Our souls merge, all cares resolve;

An energy flows from your hand to mine,

Fills my heart, soul, and mind.

Touching so close, the world fades away,

Reality dims in loves strong sway;

Words are not needed, none are said,

By just a touch, our souls are wed.


They say that true love stories never have endings........

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awesome poem...just sent it to my princess! Thanks for sharing Gig

Thank you so much for your comment Juliegirlie. This is absolutely beautiful ;) Bright blessings to you. Giggles

Hope the Great Light enlight all of us. Light must erase darkness ยง

The most perfect contact between lovers<br />
Is when one gives and the other receives<br />
One gives more, the other better receives<br />
Giving is like a pagan communion<br />
As the druid asked the mistletoe<br />
To give the tribe the power of the sun<br />
They hold hands to show their union<br />
Union of beautiful souls, hearts loved contact<br />
Today, tomorrow, last night under the stars<br />
Next to the old menhir ancestors.<br />
Souls are now nicely together<br />
To move forward together towards the sun<br />
That tomorrow will unite their bodies.

Hey girl :) Ice cream... oooh, give me some I'm all out :( Aah, I'm looking and lighting my candles, Miss Soibhan, any time now that wonderful man will be showing up to sweep you off your feet. Yep, Mr. Nick only has one brother, sad to say. Miss G snapped up his partner and Miss S snapped up my cousin. I'm fresh out of "singles" at the moment. But better to wait for the right guy than get stuck with a dud and be miserable. We need to get you out of that town you're in!!! Believe me, I lived there and I know what it's like.... just hang in there and watch out for anyone with a bic and fresh firewood!

Thank you ashhxmaso :)

:) that's was amazing .

Trpr I love you so!<br />
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Cheftell ~ So true, thank you for your post :)<br />
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JulySunSoul ~ Thanks :)<br />
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Katje ~ Aaw, that's why I chose it. It reminds me of the pic your brother took for your dad and me. Thanks hon!

aww love the poem too :)

There was love before there was mankind, and it shall forever be true

And our story has no end....it will go on forever. When I hold your little hand in mine, I know what true happiness and love is really about.