******* And Going

You've been holding it in for days, your anal sphincter cramping from the effort, your intestines distended with ****. You can't think about anything but the overwhelming urge to poop. Good.

Come here, get naked, but DO NOT let any out. Get my thick hard **** wet and slippery. Good. Now slide your wet **** down on me. Feel your ***** stretched, filled, just like your colon. DO NOT let it out.

I'm going to slowly **** you, pressing the tip of my **** back against your **** filled colon. One of my hands is using a vibrator on your **** while the other is pulling you firmly onto me. You are moaning and crying, the cramps and pressure in your *** combining with the **** in your **** and vibe on your **** to send you beyond reason.

I want to feel you lose control totally, ******* on my ****, sobbing and gasping on my shoulder, while you **** and **** and ****.
LordCuntMaster LordCuntMaster
41-45, M
Dec 1, 2012