Seeing Where Your Food Comes From. . .

I live out in the country. Lots of people growing their own vegetables and raising chickens and other animals. There are two honor stands within walking distance of my home. One is a new stand with a cooler full of fresh eggs, cartons, and a can for money. You can visit with the chickens who produced those eggs as you fill your carton.

The other one has been around for years. The owner puts out a cooler with whatever is fresh that day--squash, her homemade pesto, pears, whatever. She also will put out bunches of cut flowers. Sometimes she puts clothes out that she is trying to get rid of.  She puts out a peice of cardboard with prices and a can to put the money in. To my knowledge, the can has only been robbed once. And get this--the robber left a note saying "Sorry, I'll pay you back."  And they did a few days later!
EvesHarvest EvesHarvest
56-60, F
May 11, 2012