Horoscopes Are Scary Accurate

I never believed in horoscopes until this point. 

okay so monday my friend vinny was bitchin and whining to this girl who was older than him, then he starts yellin at eddie about mechanics. Afterwards, mrs. fontain read his horoscope, IT WAS SO ******* ACCURATE. it even had the word mechanical difficulties in there. Then she read mine, which was also accurate. It said i change my ideals often, which is true, somewhat. it also said some other things that were accurate but i cant remember. AND THEN TODAY I READ MINE AGAIN!!!

You're a helpful person, Virgo, yet in your relationships, you often seem to confuse helping with parenting. You tend to do a lot of self-sacrificing. Today you may learn how to say no when you feel your partner has gone beyond the limits of what you can give. If you do this, you may rediscover something essential you may have lost along the way - your ego. ..........O_O i was helping my closest friend with her boyfriend issues and how she broke up with him and this sumed her relationship up basically.
its scary how accurate these things are.
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Fabulous result my young friend! :D <br />
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May i thank you so much for sharing! :D :D