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Of all the Horror movies, I have ever seen, Stephen King's Creep Show and Creep Show 2 were the ones which freaked me out the worst. The man is a genius.
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Wait, is stephen king's creep show a show on TV?

No, there were two movies; except it was actually three shorter movies in each. There was Creep Show, and Creep Show 2. Both scary; but kind of Stephen King scary, rather than say The Day After Tomorrow kind of scary.

Oh, thanks

The Creep shows were good! I liked the misery one with Kathy Bates....She was TOTALLY evil IN THAT MOVIE... but I loved her!! The movie and book on, " IT " BOTH creeped me out!! I never much liked clowns but that sealed their fate 4-ever with me!!

I know, ay? Pennywise was the worst. I saw James Caan on a talk show (I think it was Inside the Actor's Studio) and he was talking about Kathy Bates and her roll in Misery. He said that she had a terrible time with the scene where she had to hit his leg with a sledge hammer and break his bones. Even though she knew his leg wasn't there and it was just a piece of wood under that blanket it made her cry to do it. And she had to do retake after retake because she couldn't help pulling her swing, so it never looked quite right. Also, she had a problem with looking mad when doing it. He said she looked scared and sorry, and she'd cry. By the time they got that scene done, she was a wreck and they had to call it a day for her. They went on to do different things for the rest of that day, and she went home.


Awww, see this is what I love about her.....She is a great actress but she is a TOTAL sweety underneath it all......