My favorite genre has always been horror. Ever since a young age. When I was younger until about 9 or so the movies would still scare me and I would have to sleep with my mom. After that to this day there's only a couple of movies that I've found to actually be scary... (The conjuring, insidious, insidious 2.) other than that I've encountered a lot of crap movies that just don't seem to scare me at all. I still enjoy classics though! ( all of hell-raiser, all of Halloween.)
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I saw A film last night called at the devils door, it went under the radar, I'd never heard of it before but I stumbled upon it online, I think you'll like it given the fact that I seem to have the same taste in horror movies as you.

Was it good?

I had low expectations given the fact I'd never heard of it before so I won't big it up too much but I thought it was surprisingly good, it was creepy & eerie with A few surprises. I'm always looking for new horror films ' they're mostly let downs but this was good. What horrors would you recommend that I probably wouldn't have seen?

Well hm if you've seen the conjuring, the story of Annabelle is coming out in theaters. And honestly the ones I mentioned above are the best I've seen and I've only encountered crappy movies. The series American horror story is okay though you can try that

I started watching it when it started but I couldn't get into it. I'll look up the story of annabelle that's new to me.

It gives me the goosebumps just watching the commercials!

I can't find much on the story of annabelle online, you mean the commercials for AHS did you?

No Annabele did

Are you easily scared?

No lol

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im a zombie flick junky myself a decent b move is jug head not really scary more of a psychological thing vile is just brutal both can be found on netflx

I've actually seen both :3 I didn't like how neither of them ended though! In jug face I didn't like that she died and didn't make it anywhere. And in vile I didn't like that his gf died.

yeah vile made me cringe and ive seen derranged things but when they started bashing the womans jaw in w/ the monkey wrench i almost lost my dinner like i said im pretty strong gutted but tht was horrible

That's exactly how I felt!

i knw wat it feels like to have your jaw shattered i think thts y it got to me that bad

OMG that must be the worst feeling ever ๐Ÿ˜”

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