When The Darkness Comes

The Darkness came for me when I was six.

Ever since that night I had always been terrified of the dark , sleeping with the lights on , and when I got older , popping caffeine pills like candy because i was afraid to close my eyes. I knew there was nothing to be afraid of ; darkness is nothing more than the absence of light. But there are things in the darkness that should be feared. Things that can drive a person mad if they were to look them in the face. Because they would be looking into the Face of Evil ... into the Face of Madness itself.
Some people believe in the Devil. Others believe that we are responsible for all the evil in this world. But what most people don't know , is that there are things in this world that are far more evil than the blackest darkness that abides in the human soul. Things so foul and disgusting. Things of madness and nightmare. They live in the darkness ; they hide in the shadows so we cannot see them. They are afraid of the light , like some of us fear the dark. They influence our dreams ; they are the cause of our nightmares. They themselves , are responsible for the evil in this world.
Every once in a while , they will venture forth from their world into ours to take one of us. Always children , never adults. Children are the most susceptible to their influence , the most easily frightened. Those they cannot easily influence , such as most adults , they attempt to control through dreams. Those they cannot prey upon , they drive insane. These tortured souls become serial killers and child predators.
I first encountered the Darkness when I was six.
I was a frail , skinny child , afraid of my own shadow. One night , I fell peacefully asleep , and when I woke up , I found myself not in my bed , in my own room , but in a dark , dank place. It was totally alien , like nothing I had ever seen. There were Grey / brown walls surrounding me on all sides , walls that oozed and dripped with a disgusting Grey slime. Whatever the stuff was , it smelled as disgusting as it looked. The floor beneath was not wet with moisture , but with the same slime witch oozed from the walls.
At first I thought I might be dreaming , but at that age I was able to distinguish  dreams from waking life , and this was no dream. There was a faint glow that seemed to emanate from the floor and the walls. Standing up , I discovered that my entire body , from head to foot , was covered in the stuff.  It was even in my mouth. I never tasted anything so foul. I gagged , wanting very much to vomit. Instead , I spit the stuff out , and looked down at my hands. The stuff felt as disgusting as it tasted and smelled. It stuck to my hands as stubbornly as spider silk ; no amount of shaking or wiping would get rid of it.
Looking around at the slime covered floor and walls , I realized that the glow came not from them , but from the slime itself. I shuffled toward the nearest wall , hoping to discover a way out. However , the closer I seemed to get , the farther the wall seemed to recede , as things have a way of doing in dreams. But I knew it was no dream ; I was awake and desperate to find a way out.
It wasn't long before I heard the screams ... and the whispers. The screams were faint and far off , but the whispering sounds were closer , much closer. So close , in fact , that they seemed to be coming from all around me.
For a moment , my heart seemed to stop , and then beat like a jack hammer. My only thought was to get out of there. I turned and noticed a faint light like the beginning of day light on the eastern horizon. I ran toward it. I ran for all I was worth , my six year old legs pumping like the cylinders of an engine. I was aware that my feet made disgusting squishing sounds as I ran.
I heard the screams again , nearer this time , and the whispering sounds , also nearer. I recognized the screams as those of children crying out for help. I wanted to find them and help them. But where were they? All I could see was slime. It was everywhere. I was ankle deep in it.
Footing was slick. I slipped several times. The second time , I fell flat on my face in the stuff. The whispering noise was almost upon me! I struggled to my feet and looked back ... and what I saw made my heart leap into my throat. I screamed. I couldn't swallow. My face as well as my mouth , was full of the vile slime.
I continued running toward the light , spitting the stuff out as I ran. I slipped again , but this time managed to stay on my feet. I wanted to erase the image of what I had seen from my mind. But I couldn't. It was too horrifying. What I had seen was something out of a Lovecraftian nightmare. Things too hideous to describe. All I could see were shadowy things with tentacles and gaping maws that dripped with the same stuff that covered the floor and walls.
Like the walls , I was afraid the light would get farther away , the closer I seemed to get. But it didn't. It was getting brighter. It was definitely getting brighter!
I ran faster. I ran , never taking my eyes off the light , which gradually grew brighter. Soon I would be out! Soon I would be out of this nightmare world and back in my own bedroom. I was sure the light was a doorway back to my own world. I did not know how I knew this , but I knew.
I seemed to be running for an eternity. I began to tire. My legs felt like lead. The vile stuff made it difficult to run , but I ran as fast and hard as I could , not looking back a second time , because if I did , the shadowy things would get me. I kept my eyes fixed on the light , trying to ignore the pain that shot up my legs like a bullet and into my lungs.
The screams became louder and the whispering sounds grew more intense. From the corners of my vision , I noticed strange shapes upon the walls. They were sacks of the vile slime , and some of them were moving. Glancing directly at one of them , I saw a face peering out at me , a child's face , screaming for help! I wanted to stop and help them. But if I stopped running , I would be devoured by the hideous things that per sued me.
i ran toward the light. It was so bright now. Squinting my eyes , I could see the faint out line of a doorway. I was almost there! The pain in my legs and lungs was unbearable. I wanted to stop running. I wanted to give up and let them get me. But I ran ... and ran ... and ran. The doorway was almost upon me. If I could just manage ... at that moment , something grabbed me from behind , pulling me face down into the slime. I screamed. Looking back , I saw that one of the hideous things had latched onto my left ankle with a tentacle. It was no thicker than the limb of a small animal , but incredibly strong. It dug into the flesh , drawing blood.
Screaming more in anger than pain , I grabbed hold of the tentacle and viciously sank my teeth into it. There was an ungodly shriek , unlike any sound I had ever heard , and the damn thing released it's hold.
Ignoring the pain in my ankle , I lea pt through the doorway ...


... And found myself in my bedroom closet. I lay on the floor , staring up at the hanging shirts above me , gasping for breath. I felt like I had run a marathon. I lay there for some time , letting the pain in my legs and lungs slowly subside. I wanted to make the images of the horrors I had seen , go away. But they would be forever etched in my memory , giving me many sleepless nights.
The doorway to the other world was gone. There was no trace of it. Had it not been for the slime that still covered me , and the laceration to my ankle , which throbbed like a tooth ache , I would have believed it to have been a nightmare.
Later , much later , I would begin to question my sanity.
The closet door was wide open. The light I had seen from the other side , had been the faint glow of my Spider Man night light.
Getting to my feet , I nearly passed out. I waited a few seconds and limped into the room , shutting the closet door. I turned on the lamp beside my bed to examine the wound to my ankle. It looked nasty. It looked deep enough to require stitches. My entire foot was covered in blood. it was bleeding all over the carpet , but I didn't care. I had to do something about it before I passed out.
There was only one thing I could do. I had to wake my parents.
Switching on the hall light , I limped to their room. The house was dark and quiet. It made periodic settling noises. When I was years younger , I used to think that those sounds were made by monsters.
I knocked loudly. It seems I knocked forever. Finally my father opened the door. I looked up at him. He looked down at me , frowning slightly.
"Kyle? What? ..."
I wondered if he was angry at me for waking him up , or because I was covered in green slime. Everything around me became Grey. I tried to tell him what happened. But I couldn't.
I collapsed ...
... And found myself back in the nightmare world I had just escaped from. This time , instead of being chased by the shadowy things , I was suspended on a wall , trapped inside a slime sack , struggling desperately to free myself. I could hear other children screaming for help. I heard the whispering sounds of the shadowy things , and saw them moving toward me. This time I would not escape them.
I screamed.
I woke up in the hospital. My mother and father were standing beside the bed. They looked worried.
"Am I going to be alright?"
They looked at each other , then back at me. "Yes ," my mother said. "You passed out. Was it a nightmare that scared you , Kyle?"
I pulled back the bed sheet and looked at my left ankle. There was no dressing! It was as if I had never been wounded!
How could I tell them that what I had experienced was real and not a nightmare? Even though I was six years old , and could not be blamed , I didn't want them to think I was crazy. So , I said nothing.
"Yes , it must have been a nightmare ," I said.
I had looked into the face of madness , and escaped the Darkness. But for how long? The Darkness would come back for me , and when it did , I had had to be ready.

The End

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Exellent plot and all...unless it was real..then...umm..I...umm..SEE YA LATER!!!!