A Good Snack!

Every once and a while, my sister makes sure to bring these home from the market. They make for a good snack. I love the Ham and Cheese ones, the best. I also love the Croissants ones too. They're good for breakfast. :-D

The thing is, I can't have too many of these, as they're not all that healthy. Unless I eat the Lean ones... but I don't like those. And also... they are very hot too... so I often burn myself, almost every time I try to eat one. OUCH! Not just my mouth, but my fingers too... maybe I'm trying to eat it too fast. But I do wait fifteen minutes, after it's out the microwave, before trying to bite into one... but those pockets seem to hold in the heat forever! :-/

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2 Responses Mar 18, 2009

you prolly put them in the microwave too long...do less time

i love the ham n cheese one for breakfast too with a starbucks coffee....lol