I Think Howl Is Handsome And Dreamy

i love this movie so much, i love the way the characters look different all throughout the movie.

howl is so handsome, although he looks just like a barbie doll!

i want his earrings i have had my eye out for some but nothing similar yet. i love his diamond pattern coat. i love his bedroom!

favorite quote- 'i see no point in living if i cant be beautiful'

i like to draw pictures of howl while when im at work but dont feel like working..

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4 Responses Mar 9, 2010

I know! sighs

thanks for the comments!!<br />
its hayao miyazaki,, its my favorite movie of his too, ive seen spririted away and ponyo i like them alot too.<br />
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yes howl is absolutely charming! why cant animated characters be real!

Howl's Moving Castle is my all time favorite Hayo Miazaki (i'm srry I'm sure I misspelled his name but I cant be bothered with looking it up) Howl is sooo very handsome I think it's his charming lack of confidence and how he loves sophie that movie makes me cry

I really liked that movie and normally I hate "anime" but it was different. My brother loves watching all the different movies of that director