Hugs Are the Best

Anytime. Hugs are great between friends and even better with a lover. It doesn't matter who you are with or what context, its just great to feel some human contact. It makes me feel alive. People barely touch anymore, I don't think that's such a good thing. I can barely get a handshake from my male friends, there's all this fist-bumping business going on these days. I don't like isolating myself like that from people. With a hug you bring people in, with a fist bump it's as if you are pushing them away.

SonicReducer75 SonicReducer75
36-40, M
4 Responses Mar 17, 2009

A warm hug looking into his eyes or his arms wrapped round you from behind so he whispers in your ear something sweet. Two ways to make me feel blissful. Tonight I got both one happy girl as I head for bed.

KF - I don't get it! I can't figure out why people get weirded out by hugs. And I would be tempted to answer that question: because I care about you!

yay for hugs! for some reason people think hugging is weird these days...especially if it's just a random hug to a friend for no reason, they're all like 'why are you hugging me?' lol

MarieFairy - those are all the emotions that we should all be feeling with hugs. I hope you're getting loads of hugs.