Sharing My Wife With A Very Well Hung Black Man

In my first marriage which lasted 27 years my first wife and I were active swingers. We first became swingers in 1971 when we lived in New York City for a year. After that we were swingers during five years that we lived in England. My wife was from Memphis and had an aversion about swinging with black couples. She was a beautiful woman with a beautiful body. For awhile she had worked, in New York City, as a model of panties, bras and negligees. In 1980 we were living in Washington, DC. I exchanged photos and letters with a black guy, Albert. He had a beautiful wife and he very much admired the photos I sent him of my wife. I had finally persuaded my wife to let us at least meet with him and his wife. They weren't what she expected. He was a tall very dignified man who worked at the Kenyan Embassy. His wife was a beautiful, very well dressed woman. They were both very articulate and fun to talk to. We met them at a beautiful DC hotel for drinks and introductions. My wives favorite drink was Southern comfort and during the evening she had several. When Albert suggested that the four of us get a hotel room to continue our evening I quickly agree and my wife didn't object. I knew that this would be her first time with a black man. I looked forward to being with his beautiful, long legged wife.
When we got to the room we each took a shower. The last shower was the two women who shared a shower. We could hear their giggles as they showered. While we were waiting Albert and I ******** naked. I immediately became concerned about how big Albert was. I had never seen a man as long and as thick as he was. In addition he was uncircumcized. His penis looked like a giant salami. I became concerned that he was so big that he might hurt my wife. However, I didn't see anyway to stop what was about to happen. My wife and Albert's wife came out of the shower wrapped in towels. They both looked stunning. However, once my wife saw how big Albert was she was stunned. She didn't say anything. Albert's wife suggested that she and I watch Albert and my wife before we did anything.
Albert began by giving my wife some very deep French kisses. He also chewed on her nipples which made them larger than normal. He kissed her navel but didn't kiss any lower than that. He put some vasaline petroluem jelly on his penis and lie next to her left side on the bed. He put his legs underneath her left leg and wrapped them around her right leg. He put his penis in just a short way and began giving her nice slow strokes. The strokes got longer and longer. Than he stopped and put her on her back with her legs in the air. He put his penis back in her and continuing to slowly give her strokes. The strokes got longer as he got deeper and deeper. Eventually, to my surprise he had his penis all the way in "balls deep". He thoroughly ****** her and went through several different positions. Next I turned my attention to his wife and enjoyed very much having her long legs wrapped around me. It was an exciting evening. Later I asked her how it felt to have such a large penis in her. She said it felt good but that it felt like he was going to go all the way through her. She felt very full.
After that evening we met Albert and his wife on a regular basis. It was always good.
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I am black and i'm interested, do you still do it ?