Hair Twirling, When Will I Stop?

I do to, I love it and hate it!!! I twirl the hair on the left side of my head only. In the car, when I get up, go to sleep and right now. I started when I was in the 4th grade. Stop for awhile after middle school. But this past yr. has been the worst. I've done it so much it's breaking off (& I don't have trichotillomania, no hair pulling) I tell myself not today and somehow I have blacked out due to my ADD and I'll notice I'm twirling my dam hair! I lose so much time because It's all I do.
TwistedVIXEN7 TwistedVIXEN7
26-30, F
1 Response May 24, 2012

Good morning Twisted.... Of all the habit and vices in the world for sure yours is not the worst or the best. You will stop the day you DECIDE to stop. You have all the power it takes to do it, when you are ready. <br />
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I used to be a horrid nail biter from childhood until my mid 30s. I said I wanted to stop many times over those years but one day, when I was ready, I decided to stop.<br />
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Don't beat yourself up. You are the perfect you, in this moment. You, ba<x>sed on all your past experiences can be no different than you are right now. As for tomorrow... That is up to you to decide.<br />
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Wishing you inner peace, love and happiness,<br />