When I was little, my mom put me to ice skate. I was training for a while, but I also started to play the violin. I was around 6 or something. Then one day I just fell down on ice. I had my gloves on. Some random person flew by me and right over my finger. I didn't understand what happened but it really hurt and I knew something was wrong. I rushed to my mom but all I could do is stretch my arms in front of her with pleading eyes. When she took my glove off she had a shock - the tip of my finger was basically hanging. She took me and ran around screaming for help.

I remember driving to some hospital and talking to some nurses or whoever was in the car with me, talking about sewing... In Soviet Russia, nobody cared about comfort of patients, so I wasn't given any pills or anesthesia. They just put me on the table and sewed it all together. My mom was going crazy outside the door.

Time later I was going for checkups, the bandage around my finger was really stuck to it, so I had an excruciating pain every time docs tried to take it off. It wouldn't come off!

This whole experience was painful, but my love for ice-skating never died. In fact, I'm seeing dreams about me being an ice skater, doing all kinds of tricks on ice, up until now, when I'm 25. After that happening, my mom decided to take me out of the team and let me play the violin instead, which of course paid off as well.

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That is horrible!! Ouch!