Learning to Skate Was a Good Experience For Me...

I didn't learn to ice skate until I was 14 and trying out for the hockey team.  Imagine a big, tough football player all of a sudden trying to do something that requires a degree of grace.  Didn't work out too well, but I did alright.

I never really got the swing of being graceful and quick.  I was always rather jerky in my motions, despite the time that I spent learning to do things.  I always had balance and power in my stride though, so when it came time to do some checking I never had problems with that.  My step-dad told me that watching me skate was like watching a truck go up a hill: I had to cycle through a lot of gears to get going, but once I did I was pretty much unstoppable.

Skating taught me humility and how to get up when I fell down.  The learning how to get up when I fall is probably the most important thing I learned in 20 years on Earth.  The humility gave me the ability to tackle my problems head-on and not let little bumps and bruises along the way stop me.
Brieze Brieze
18-21, M
Jul 14, 2007