What Is Coexist?

Coexist is a way to demonstrate your support of religious freedom, tolerance and understanding by showing the "COEXIST" profile badge.
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Thanks leiberface nice bit of research and well put!

i love the idea of coexist and i love the bumper stickers, shirts, etc. that people have been marketing to the world to promote the coexistance of different people's religions and views on the world. However, has anyone taken a step back to really view what we are looking at on this bumper sticker? I do not disagree with it one bit, but I don't think I quite understand it. We have C which stands for what exactly, Bono stated "Muhammed" in his tour. But then he also pointed out the X meaning the Star of David for Jews and the T for the Cross for Christians but he didn't point out any other letters that we have created in this advertisement of "Coexist". <br />
So if the C is for Muhammed (the moon and star) bu then an O, which in the bumper stick is a peace sign, which is recognizable. But then we have an e, which in some stickers has the female and male sign coming out of it and in some stickers it has the e=mc squared underneathe it. so what does that mean. please let men and women coexist together? or does that mean we live in a community that allows men and women to be who they are and believe what they want to believe and be free??? and then the X which we have already established. then we have an I, what does that I stand for. I have no idea at all. please help me understand it. it's an i with a weird circle on top. then we have the S which is in the form of a Ying Yang which suggests Taoism. And then the T for the Cross.<br />
<br />
What I'm trying to get at is I do not believe there are many people who understand what they are promoting. They know and understand they are promoting peace, but what does that funky looking "i" mean, and maybe some people don't really know what the Ying Yang stands for. So I looked it up. I thought it was very important. <br />
<br />
C (moon and star) - Islam<br />
O (peace sign) - peace<br />
E - male and female or in some case e=mc squared in that case it stands for evolution and scientists theories<br />
X - (star of david) - Judaism<br />
i - Wicca/Pagan/also the Bab/Bah'ai<br />
S (Ying Yang) - Taoism/ Confucianism<br />
T - (Cross) - Christianity<br />
<br />
Now you know So please wear the shirt, slap the bumper sticker on your car because you know what you're supporting.