Everyone Is Imperfect

I think the kicker is...I like those who are humble enough to know (and show) that they are imperfect and make mistakes and don't always know everything and are not always 'above' me...and sometimes will even LISTEN to what I have to say, even though I know that what I have to say is not always perfect either (just most the time).
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1 Response Dec 12, 2012

I read a quote in a book last year that went like: we're all complete, and we could all use a little improvement.

I think that's a good way to live life. I don't think there's any universal perfection, just being perfect in a situation or to one person or whatever. But I think that being humble and unafraid to learn are two amazing (and rare) things. But, being the perfect example of that, we have you to thank Shan! For this post, and for being you!

awwwww that could just be the sweetest compliment i've ever heard! :) thank you