Her real name was Mary Jane.  For some reason she didn't like Mary so she went by Jane.  She had this great apartment in Santa Monica, that was even better than mine.  I was a YMCA fitness instructor at the time and she decided she had to have me.  I was a real player at the time and even had girlfriends in the cities I traveled to each year so my plate was full enough.  We got to talking and Bruce Springsteen was coming to town so she got tickets and invited me to go.  I remember it was Halloween.

She was the most organized woman I have ever met.  She had mixed these tapes and had made 2 or 3 mood music tapes that she put on when we were getting ready for sex.  That is how I knew we were going to have sex, she would put one of these tapes in.  Her father was a doctor who had, had 3 kids.  Two girls and a boy.  The girls went into the medical field, and the son became a wine maker.  Her and sister were both the typical over achievers to please daddy.

We dated long enough for show.  For her to show she just didn't date me just for my looks, and that I just wanted to see the Boss.  My least favorite girl friend of all time.  I like women imperfect and she was trying too hard to be perfect to please daddy.

gettinsum1 gettinsum1
56-60, M
Feb 16, 2010