I Will Never Pull Out Of *****!

Some couples use the pull out method of birth control as a way to have bareback sex. The man then ********** on the woman's stomach, on her **** or on some other area. I don't see how some guys do the pull out method. I couldn't because ******* deep into ***** feels too good to give up. Ladies of EP, if we have sex, don't ever trust me to pull out if you want to avoid pregnancy. Even if I sincerely agree beforehand that I'll pull out, once i feel that tickling sensation growing in my ****, I'm going to lose all sense of responsibility and I'm going to bury my **** deeper into your ***** and shoot millions of ***** cells inside you. The tickling sensation starts on the underside of my **** near where it connects to my testicles. Once that feeling hits, it's like my **** is locked and loaded with ammunition. The sensation intensifies the more I thrust my penis. Once we get to that point, it's too late and the woman should essentially consider herself a mother and she should realize I own her womb now.

Nine months later you'll have a baby latched onto your nipples and sucking milk from your pregnancy-enlarged breasts all because you trusted me to fight the primal urge to impregnate you. Nine months prior you wanted me to shoot my *** on your ****, now you've got my real live baby on your ****! The irony. There's a reason mother nature made bareback sex so pleasurable.
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1 Response Sep 17, 2012

I like you !
especially if i didn't now it was you
ooo yeess!