I can picture us long slow kissing and hot petting sessions always bringing each other to the edge over and over. Then stopping saying we need to wait. Tonite will be different, I can't wait any more and I know you feel the same. We start slow as always but tonite I tell you I need you I want you I can't wait any more. Let me just put the tip of mycock against your wet ***** lips ,please please I won't put it in. You object saying you are very fertile right now and we shouldn't . Please I will be careful I plead. You love me and want it too and you agree. I take my **** out it stands fully erect from our passionate foreplay. Spread your legs apart my love I smile and you oblige laughing nervously. I take my **** in my hand and moving between your legs I tease your already wet lips with the head of my **** spreading the drop of precum onto your ****. Mmmm that's so nice you exclaim. I slowly slide my throbbing head between your ***** lips and then circle your **** with my **** head. Lowering the head I slide it into your entrance and tease your vaginal lips with it sliding it in and out only an inch or two inside you. My hands are all over you one on your breast teasing your hard pert nipples the other I slide down and start gently circling it around your **** teasing it flicking, pressing down on moving it in response to your reactions. I can see you are loving his as you throw your head back and your moaning becomes louder. I slide another inch or two deeper into you. My **** is hard pulsing and leaking precum and before I realize it half of my full thick eight inches is spreading your vagina open as my fingers keep teasing your ****. I am lost in you I want all of you . Rob please we can't you protest I am not on birt control and I'm very fertile right now. Baby I need you I want you I want to show you how much I love you , I reply. I slide fully into you my huge **** disappearing into you . You can feel me pressed against your cervix and as you tighten around me my **** explodes pulsing hot and throbbing my ***** shoots hot streams against your womb filling you with several streams if my hot seed deeply oh so deeply inside you. It seems like it will never stop you can feel every pulse through your body. We collapse together my **** still deep inside you as I kiss you telling you how much I love you. As I slowly remove my **** white creamy *** follows it as I withdraw. I slide down between your legs licking you lips tasting my own *** from you. I continue until you start once again moaning and you reach another ****** as you are shaking I kneel up in front of you and you see my **** against fully erect. I lie on top of you kissing you deeply letting you taste my *** mixed with yours and lied my **** into you slowly. Let me *** inside you again. I want to make you pregnant. I want you to have my baby. As a year fills your eyes you lovingly reply oh yes my love fill me with your hot *****, make me pregnant I want your *** deep inside me. Mmmmm Joy
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fcking a prego gal is as hot as it gets for me - just something about it