Unwanted Impregnation

(*I'll try to come up with something good!!!! Sorry if it's not good*)

She told him to wear a condom. He promised he had one on, fully intending to take it off as soon as she was to much in the heat of the moment to realize it!! He started slowly pumping in & out of her wet, soft cervix. Soon he was getting deeper & stronger w/each thrust until his hardened **** bottomed out. With each deep thrust, her moans got louder & when she arched her back & tilted her head back with her eyes closed, he took off the condom. He dove right back into her loving the softness of her uterus walls. He felt the *** building up, he had to hold it in a bit longer. He got deeper, stronger with each penetration. Soon he knew he couldn't hold in any longer as precum threated to leak out. He took one more look at this stranger who trusted him to NOT get her pregnant cuz she didn't have any birth control, gave a small smile & thrust deep into her womb releasing SO much of his ***** that it just shot out again & again & yet AGAIN!!! MORE then he thought was possible!!! "Oohhh!!!" He moaned as he arched his back. It felt SO good!!! The *** covered her womb like a blanket of snow. He was happy knowing that his fertile swimmers were swimming toward their goal. She was stunned, angry but at the same time, it felt good. She layed there in silent sobs as she knew she was pregnant. He layed there with a huge grin,...as he knew she was just IMPREGNATED!!!!!!!!!! :)
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7 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Wow, that is so very sexy. I am a fan of both the guy and the girl in this story!

Very hot story

Good story :)

It's a nice story. I wouldn't be surprised if a scenario like this happens more often than not.

Been there. Done that. Its awesome.

love it... great job, i would do it like that or just promise and not put one on and just do her until her womb is full of my seed

Lovely natural story