Life Wants To Live (continued)

He had known Lisa for about a year. They were acquaintances at best. She was married and had a 3-year old daughter so he knew she was fertile. He even found pregnancy photos of her on the internet. She was really athletic and had quite the baby bump. Real stalker this one. Her husband, however, was pretty scrawny and not athletic. He seemed to come from weak stock. Kris would love nothing more than to give her a strong baby, in secret. He wanted to time it when Lisa and her husband were going for a 2nd child. That would be the ultimate. Their dirty little secret. But how could ever broach the subject, it would all be so incredibly awkward. He wasn't even sure that she liked him. Although on a few occasions he thought that she was giving him "the look." He found it hard to tell with women though when they were sending signals.

When he next saw her with her daughter, he casually mentioned, " She's a beautiful girl. Do you and Steve ever think of having another?"
Lisa paused and awkwardly said, "We've talked about but we don't know if the time is right. Why do you ask?" She seemed offended at his question. He wondered why the subject was so taboo but then he reasoned that it was a really personal question. Especially a man asking another woman.
"Well, this is hard for me to say but I was wondering if you guys needed any... uh... help!" he blurted. Her mouth dropped open and she stared at him speechless.
" I mean, I remember hearing that you had a hard time conceiving last time and I can't help but think it might not be your fault." he continued.
Still a shocked stare from her but no slap to the face yet so that was a good sign.
"How did you heart that?" she shouted.
"Well, the grapevine and all. " was his meager reply.
A long silence grew between them but then eventually for some reason she opened up to him.
"Yes, it's true. Steve has weak *****. It's not me. I am extremely fertile. We thought about getting a ***** donor but eventually he was able to seed me. It was 1 in a million really."
"Happens to the best of us at the least expected time." Kris replied.

Turns out that Lisa had been secretly admiring Kris from afar. She even managed to catch a glimpse of his package a few times. It was sizable. The thought of her sneaking a peak really turned him on. She liked what she saw too. He was muscular with broad shoulders and a strong jawline. In some primal sense buried in her subconscious, he was perfect father material.

"We want to try again for another baby soon but I just don't think I can go through all the multiple attempts and waiting again. I mean I love sex and all..., " she blushed. " I think I'm getting baby fever. I want to feel life growing inside me again," she said.
"I would love nothing more than to give you that gift," Kris replied with a smile. He imagined his **** thrusting deep inside her as she laid back with her legs in the air ready to receive his man *****.

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