Living My Life Like a Song

Jimmy Buffett has a song by that title and ever since High school I have been finding song lines that describe me & my views whether it was it ain't me babe when I had a  (ex)GF trying to get me to go off to same college as her,to somethings going on when we were all paranoid about cops & " The Man in power"to Jimmy buffett singing about losing your intuition to blind ambishion, My mewest one id the river by the Boss My nephew got his 16 Y/O GF preggo and he's kinda a slacker so I told his dad Bruce said it best " For 18th Birthday got a union card & a wedding Coat" In music there is a like for every emotion..that's why it's important.

mnscooter mnscooter
56-60, M
Mar 11, 2009