The Reason For My Love!

Of course, I like inspiring song lyrics... well, no... I LOVE them! It is my love, for songs that encourage, which is the core of my fan-dom for the band U2. The lyrics of "Walk On" and "Stuck In A Moment" and "With Or Without You", and many others, it's just all very inspirational. I didn't have anyone to encourage me or keep me moving, as a teen... So, the lyrics of U2 were my best friends. They were my family and my guardian angels. Whenever I had doubted myself or felt very low, I would turn on a U2 song, and Bono Vox would assured me that everything was going to be okay. ;-)

And it's not only U2 (though, they will always be my Number 1 band, FOREVER!)... I find inspiring lyrics all the time, like in DJ Teisto's "Just Be" or Linkin Park's "What I've Done". Inspiring lyrics can often move a person in the right direction in life. Or so, it has for me. :-)

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2 Responses Mar 20, 2009

When nothing can console manages to help me like nothing else. I like how you said "Inspiring lyrics can often move a person in the right direction in life." It's so true. They keep you on the right track, but not just because of what the musician is trying to express. It's also the meaning you can find in the song.<br />
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Now I'm waiting for a "I hate inspiring song lyrics" group to pop up on EP XD

Who doesn't like lyrics that inspire?