Space Ambiance - A Serpent Flight The Way To Peace

 "New Age" Music is not understood.  It is filled with Sub-Categories that I really feel many don't really get the comprehensive ideas of its Sub-Categories.  Going to my Favorite Music Producer "Hearts Of Space" found at this web site  has a diversified of "Space Music" Titles.  When I say "New Age" I'm talking about "Ambient Space Music".

I have gathered in the last few weeks what I like put together as a Meditative Arrangement of this "Space Ambient" of my choices of Musician Artist, their Albums and Music Pieces.  For which I would call:

This is for:  Meditative Relaxation.  Taking a Trip. Traveling where ever in a Relaxing Mood - Meditating in the Moment. Also it has these Effects:

Take to the Inertia Perpetuity of Volant and Volitation (Flying Steadily). Ambient Music for a Trance in Timelessness ... Continues..

A Serpent Flight & The Way To Peace

This an Edit now.  I found out what else was suppose to be here had been not saved from this Site. For some reason, I don't know why it deletes some of my stuff.  So I'm later going to put my list in the Discussion Forum and you can look there if your interested.  this is frustrating ...

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Jan 10, 2010