Hearts Of Space And Windham Hill Records

We really love instrumental and new age music here at Valley!  We just launched a new website, http://www.valley-entertainment.com, that has samples of almost all of our music and we even now offer direct MP3 downloads.  We have Hearts of Space Records (http://www.valley-entertainment.com/labels/hearts-of-space.html) and also last year starting bring a lot of great Windham Hill Records titles back into print (http://www.valley-entertainment.com/labels/windham-hill.html).  Check out the new site and hopefully you'll find some music to enjoy!

EricValley EricValley
22-25, M
1 Response Mar 10, 2010

Illuminating story. What a great idea. There's so many great new age songs that have been out-of-print for too long.