Mind Melding

Now some people when they think of intelligent conversation , they think of complicated subject matter . For me personally being younger an intelligent conversation is like a heart to heart when people pour their ideas , questions, and dreams out on they table and we pick and choose the ones that we agree with and find the most engaging . I love it most when it's with a group of very different people . It's like another world being able to tap into a person brain when they're  talking about something they actually care about instead of just the usual gossip.

Now many won't agree with me on this , but some of the best conversations i've had , i've been high . Now before i loose all credibility , don't judge . Don't it's really a whole different way of thinking , now yes yes sometimes you do giggle and make a complete *** of yourself , but there really is those couple times where everyone is so chill and just stoned still . That's when you can have an intelligent conversation that pushes the boundries of teenage gossip aside and opens up a philosophical realm , so many innovative ideas get tossed around and so many times people reveal things that you wouldn't even dream they'd know or be interested in. Now i know it's not the traditional intelligent conversation , but it does require above and beyond thinking . Which to me is pretty intellectual ...

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4 Responses Feb 19, 2009

funny but I agree that some altered states lend facility to the heartfelt expression of ideas- however, someone's lack of grammar and/or punctuation sort of puts me off...probably makes me feel superior somehow...sigh-

Learn to do it without being high, and you're onto something.<br />
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That's what I do, unfortunately there's no one to talk to because they are all wrapped up in stupid crap and personal agendas

i agree entirely. And as far as getting stoned goes, i've had some incredibly intelligent conversations when i was.. well 120% baked. I don't smoke anymore but i haven't forgotten.. well.. at least not the ones i remember, lol. But i don't think that intelligent conversation has to be about you know.. the theory of dark matter or evolution. i think you just have to be very passionate about something and YOU make it intelligent, you know? <br />
I think two people could sit around and discuss the price of tea, and if they were really passionate about it, it could be the most intelligent.. intriguing conversation you ever heard. <br />
<br />
or maybe that's passionate conversation??<br />
hmm... i don't know. <br />
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depends on who's listening i guess.

I am intellegent conversation