So a gentleman that I am corresponding with told me this:

"Men do think differently, you know. I am told that for us to decide to make a long-term commitment is as big a deal as women deciding to commence a sexual relationship. It surprises me, that that we are so reluctant to make a commitment as that women are so careful about commencing an intimate relationship. But it makes sense...sort of."

I replied with

I don't think women are reluctant to enter into intimate relationships. I think, though, that their motives for doing so are different than men's. A woman is less likely to view intimacy (sex) as the sole purpose of a relationship, and more as a means to an end. The end goal being the commitment by the man to her. Popular culture reinforces this by declaring that once a woman has that ring on her finger, their sex life disappears.
Of course, pop culture reinforces other stereotypes that don't necessarily have a basis in reality.

Helianthus52N Helianthus52N
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1 Response Aug 22, 2014

I am a male.
I love long term commitments! In my relationship, all factors intertwine.
Sex being the soul reason for a commitment, to me is very shallow, and the relationship is doomed.
I love getting to know my mate deeper and deeper.
We are both free thinkers, valuing intelligence.

Dear 1 changingheart , I agree with your statements, having been in a committed relationship got over fifty years, that holds true for us as well, he is my husband, my best friend, my care giver and the love of my life.