My Former Writing Professor

I have feelings for my former professor. He is married with kids and is also a playwright. It started out as a conversation and then I started to notice his actions. Every silly thing I said made him laugh or smile. I would walk into the room and he would look up. The cherry on top was when I would catch him staring at me. The more we would talk, the more I started to notice our connection. It went from just talk of classwork to more personal conversations. I would drop a piece of paper, he would run to pick it up. Once the semester was over I stopped talking to him. I was hoping he would email me and ask how I was but he was most likely busy with his family. One day I will confront him but I do not know how to go about it. Yes, him being married with kids is not a good thing but he never spoke of his wife to me. He only ever talked about his kids. What is a girl to do? I want to sleep with him but I don't want to just be his young girlfriend on the side that he just uses for the sex when his wife is not giving to him. He is 34-35 years old and I am 26, age is not an issue, it's the fact that he married with kids that stops me from making any moves. I recently found out that he has a twitter and decided to follow him. He started following a few more people but still has not followed me back.
BrokenFlowers4me BrokenFlowers4me
26-30, F
Jan 9, 2013