Having A Bad Couple Of Decades

I am pretty sure noone really cares about other peoples' stories that much because I think we are all a little too egocentric or maybe i should just speak for myself. Especially considering the fact I do not really have much of a clue about 'other peoples' stories ' because 'other people' have become 'just that',a  factor in 'other peoples' lives ,but not mine. I cannot care how this sounds because whining is where you end up when trying to articulate this stuff and that is where I am at. Too far gone to care anymore and besides I am tapping away sending this out to the anonymous ether of the world wide ******* web.  A few people may even bother to read this the whole way through, so what.,it will not change my reality . Letting out the inner blubber . I did not go for my swim, my feet are cold ,and I got caught shoplifting some lamb chops yesterday.Heres Tom with the weather.
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1 Response May 20, 2010

LOL!! The only part i didn't care for was when you said "the whole way through"...sounds weird. (and yes, i am offering constructive criticism in the comments section of your story lol...and yes, it is the only comment) and yeah...i did read it the "whole way through"...though the end was kinda confusing...lamb chops? Has anyone ever told you how frank you are? i kinda like it...but no more hitting on my avatar lol.