i love intelligent people. im a total lesbian but if a really smart guy was on my wave length then theres a good chance things could happen. lol
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must be some very strange and amusing coincidence lol, or maybe some inner wisdom passed on through cell memory lol. just a lucky guess lol. i love that word even more do u think this sapho lady is into science? cause i write poetry and love anything scientific...she sounds like my perfect partner lol

what was your intention when mentioning Saphosexual ? The link to wisdom would make it more in tune with this group. But the spelling is clearly about Sappho, the poetess and the first recorded lesbian in history. How come your spellt it with PH if you haven't heard about the island of the lesbians ?

that is a very interesting statement, didnt realize there could be a double meaning to it. thankyou very much for this information. i am now away to surf the web on the poet sapho and see if this island still exists lol ;-)

saphosexual - does the term relate to the latin "sapientia", i.e. wisdom, cleverness? Or, does it come from the ancient greek island of Lesbos, where the female poet Sapho sang verses to her lady friends ?