I Enjoy Intelligent, Empowered And Strong Women

I must say that the most engaging women I've dated are intelligent, empowered and strong.

I enjoy our deep, meaningful and insightful discussions on topics that range from current events, history and just about any other topic one can imagine--it serves to challenge both of us and keep things interesting and interested.  I always come away with new information and insights; I very much like that.

helavaguy helavaguy
56-60, M
3 Responses Nov 5, 2010

I agree with Love.<br />
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Whenever I read men's profiles on dating sites, I NEVER read that any of them want someone who is intelligence.<br />
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Not that I'm all serious all the time, I need a balance of fun people too, but it hurts me to be around people who either aren't intelligent, have no common sense, or people who are so closed minded, they have to stay in their paradigm b/c of their constant fears.<br />
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All the best : )<br />
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Hmm... I wish I knew more men like you. It seems whenever I am on a date or just talking to a fellow male they appear to slip away in disinterest when the comversation becomes too deep, meaningful or intellectual. <br />
Where are the ones who can hold a REAL conversation with me?! I have yet to find them..... :(

I agree. I would much rather spend time with someone who has something to offer in the way of original thought. They don't necessarily have to be book smart, but inquisitive enough to be interested in acquiring knowledge - all sorts of knowledge. That could range from avocadoes to zealots. It all makes the conversation worth having.