I Love Smart People

I absolutely love learning. Talking with people who have so much to teach me is very inspirational. I just want people around me to pull me up in life and help me absorb knowledge to better life.
EmeralStone EmeralStone
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What are the subjects you are learning about now?<br />
What new mental skills or faculties are you exploring?

Think we all learn new things every day,My Dad used to say oncew you finished school you joined University of life! for rest of days

do you think those kind of people could be your friends or it's only experience sharing relation ?

I think they could be my friends. With my friends I am always making new experiences with them or discussing an old experience.

all friends doing same, but in case of advisers, i think it so difficult to have serious friend relation without personal benefits, I wish to have a friend like me for my character not anything else

Yes, u r right,we can learn much from people who are unselfish to share to others their ideas and experiences that can help someone to overcome such related life's experiences.for example our very own greatgrandfathers and gmothers who know the meaning of life before us today's generation..

i know what you mean, i too am drawn to people who knows more about subjects that either i dont know or a have little knowledge. <br />
<br />
just like now, im hanging around a highschool friend of mine who i thought is no good with school work back in highschool, but when i met him again a few months back, i learned that he is actually good at psychology stuff he learned during elementary which he uses today to communicate effectively to people, has his own business which i am now a part of, and accomplish the title of young master of ten martial arts when he was an elementary kid (he is also teaching me basic stuff as of now.)

Psychology is very intriguing to me! :] Good luck with your martial arts!!