Ramblings About The Ex...

Can’t sit still but got nowhere to fill my time in space.
sick of moving only to be replaced couldn’t replicate this fate
designed for loss of face,
mind blown in numb disgrace,
drugged by hate, hugged by rage,
denied my right to retaliate,
mark this page for censorship
disable my brakes so I stop too late
and wake up in a house of clay,
designed for a more permanent stay

my hopes decay,
I can’t wake up to this day,
it’s two months until may,
until she celebrates,
and until he moves away
but the image remains
it left a pungent stain
thats burned to the back of my brain,
oh god no, not this **** again.

I feel like I’m being blamed,
for slaying the slain
or something insane,
a nightmare plain,
walking through torrential rain,
with a computer game,
jacked into my vein,
give me a ten digit name
for my charred remains.

Or major artery, pardon me.
I’m not talking about drugs
but this mentality,
spoon fed to me,
it’s getting hard to breathe,
government colonoscopy
destroying my dreams,
making me scream,
ripping the seams,
bending the beams,
helping the fiends
take my life for free.

Bury me instantly,
with the ideals of family.
white collar therapy.
Two dollar monopoly
Throw me aside cause
I don’t spend a dime,
I don’t have a wife,
I don’t buy fine wine.
But now that’s a crime
So I’ll do your time
feeling kinda asinine
becoming dry in a space 3 by 5
while you get him into strife
ruining his life, holding the knife to his throat
while you gloat at the passion
you have evoked, the glands you stroked, the oath you broke
like a rotten yolk
MrNotReallySerious MrNotReallySerious
31-35, M
1 Response May 10, 2012

Nice! I like your style. :)