Women Are Not Property.

It is still unbelievable to me... the way women are treated, as if nothing has changed.
I'm not really talking about society because what is society anymore? Since I've been here, on this little blue planet, it has always puzzled me why I was treated differently as a woman. Soon I realized that this was a done deal for every unfortunate member of the female gender. I feel like every young girl goes through the five stages of death and dying just before they hit puberty, only to find that they MUST accept, that they are biologically different, therefore, somewhat less important. Am I the only one that grew up to NOT accept this? Men, you cannot deny the advantages you have. Sure, I've heard the whole song about, "Being able to create life makes up for it." I say," Cop Out." No it does not. Having a child does not make up for being constantly turned down, not due to lack of ability, talent, or wisdom, but for excess of it. I feel that human beings are so special. We can point in one direction, encounter obstacles, defeat them, get to our chosen destination and build bridges for others. Troubling for most women in this world is that their obstacles increase and before they could get to their destination, they have to navigate in an almost flawless manner before than can meet the gatekeepers. Men. You are allowed to make mistakes in this world. That is what sets you apart socially. I have to admit to myself all the time. I am not perfect. My life acheivements are summed up by an attention to detail, looking at situations from every point of view, taking punishment because I know fully that it will be the only way to be viewed as an Equal. Loaded irony isn't it? It is truely upsetting to me to see how many women around me have fully given up. I have no blame for them, I know how difficult it is out there. I could go into a family history seen through the women's eyes. That would be too depressing for now. I have made it a life goal for myself to End this Now. Men, stop treating the women in your life like property. We are not social status symbols, we are not babysitters for your heir, we are not a replacement for your mother, we are not your maids or sex slaves or bus drivers or nurses. We are NOT your savior! We are human beings. We love and respect ourselves so it is confusing to be treated like an object. Please think about the women in your life. Don't make things easier or harder for them. Just give them a chance to be human for once.
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I love talking to women more than listening to chaps...Mostly because women can emote and relate to my inner feeling whereas chaps tend to like bragging...When choosing a conversation between a man and a woman...I choose women....It becomes embarrasing, though, when someone's wife starts talking to me in the presence of her husband....and he starts getting inner mad....funny actually, cause I hardly ever get turned on sexually by such conversations...I get turned on by a woman who is frank about her sexual wants and if she wants me as much as I want her and can say and do something as well as me.
Make sense to you?

Excellent observations, Looking4clues!<br />
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As a male who encountered feminist ideologies during the 1970s, and who learned from them, I am astonished at the way young men today behave towards women. I blame the easy availability of ***********, most of which seems to portray women as the passive recipients of male sexual agression, rather than as equal participants. And I believe this has a flow-on effect in 'real life".<br />
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All power to You, Sister!