Tease Me

Tease me with your mind, and the flesh will follow. Make me smile, and my resolve will weaken. Challenge my beliefs, and my mind will open. Teach me something new, and my thoughts will deepen. Explore new ideas, and our bond will strengthen. Make me laugh, and my heart will soften.

So come on. Pull up a chair. Tease me.
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10 Responses Nov 21, 2012

Well done Sir!

Few words but they say so much. You just heighten my lust to meet THE stimulating and intelligent person I'm awaiting.

It’s about charring ideas, feelings and fluids. No ideas, no charm. I must confess I had lots of fun with people with lower education and higher instincts, their fun too. But long term friendships require a tricky mind.

Indeed, though I've been reminded innumerable times that as soon as you think you truly "know" someone, they surprise you.

Love this, I feel the same way.

Thank you. It's always good to find kindred spirits.

I love this. I feel like it should be on page one of the "How to Understand Women" manual. It's even more impressive that the author is a man. Props! I've been in several relationships were the attraction existed solely ba<x>sed on those abilities and interactions. Physical attraction is important to an extent, but it's importance is small in comparison to that kind of connection.

Thank you for reading, and for the insightful comment. Good relationships, and the fun that can come with them, almost always start in the mind. One that connection exists, the physical attraction is almost guaranteed, as the eyes can only see what the mind perceives.

SO true.

You have perfectly voiced what I have always thought. Thank you :)

And thank you for the kind words.

Very nice post...thank you for sharing it!

Thank you for reading and commenting. Glad you enjoyed.

How did you get in my brain and steal my next post? :)

I'm sneaky that way.

I'll have to get up earlier then. :) I Enjoy your writing very much.

Show kindness...and I will let you in.
Show humor...and I will flash you a grin.
Share a story...and I will embrace it with an open mind.
Offer me some coffee and one day I will respond in kind.

Thanks for jotting this down for us. It was such a lovely read. :)

Overwritten indeed ;)