A Rant: Assumptions About Intelligent People. I Am Not Who You Think I Am.

I'm a smart person. 94th percentile. Not way up there, but pretty decent. People tend to notice I'm smart, (assume, rather) and then they make all these (other) assumptions about me that are completely illogical and come out of no where, because people who AREN'T smart don't know the difference between ignorance and stupidity. And even sometimes people who are smart make those assumptions, because maybe that's the way they are, or because they've hung around with stupid people all their lives so they don't know how to utilize their intelligence. Anyway, here are some common things that annoy me:

Coworker: "You seem super smart. You're in college, right? I bet you're going to be a doctor."
Me: "What?...No. I'm going to be a secretary because I'm lazy as ****."

Coworker: "Hey, you're a smart person, do this math problem in your head for me!"
Me: "Wow, thanks for putting me on the spot in front of people, jack-***. I actually suck at math. I can't even calculate a tip in my head. Way to make me feel like a loser."

Coworker: "Hey, smart person, what are your super smart views on politics?"
Me: "I don't follow politics, because I find them really boring and don't feel my input would be signifigant anyway."

Argh, they just make me want to scream. Quit ascribing traits or abilities to me because I am obviously intelligent. Just because I have a high IQ doesn't mean I chose to do anything super special or noteworthy with my life. I'm a lazy bum who spends most of their time playing games. I hated school, I can't do third grade math in my head, and I don't have any wonderous input to give you about what sort of life choices you should make. Having a high IQ doesn't mean you know what is best, or even that you know ANYTHING. Because your IQ never changes. (At least not significantly). IQ is your CAPACITY for knowledge, it doesn't mean you know how to do Trig and understand the meaning of life. The intelligence I have now is the same intelligence I had when I was 4. Don't ask me questions and expect me to know **** unless you have an ACTUAL, LOGICAL REASON that I would have learned about said ****. I am SMART. I am NOT a DOCTOR. I cannot tell you how to CURE CANCER. I am a SECRETARY. I CAN tell you how to set up formulas in EXCEL. I am NOT MAGIC. I cannot tell you why the world works. About the only noticable way my IQ influences my life is that I'm a fast learner. But nooo, all everyone hears is, "You graduated highschool at 15? You graduated college at 19?!" And then they respond with, "YOU MUST BE MAGIC. I'M GOING TO USE YOU LIKE A COMPUTER." >:/

All your assumptions drive me crazy, and make me feel like a loser. GAWSH they sound just like my parents. "but you could have been a doctor." "but you have so much potential."

Yeah, well. I live my life in the way that makes me happy, not the way you think I should. So quit trying to fold me up into your neat little box and let me be who I want too. Who I am happy being. (Provided people quit telling me how much I'm wasting my life being happy).


End. Rant.

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2 Responses Jan 10, 2013

Well, well, well...
You sir. Are a genius :)

I think the problem is if any... Is expectations?? Self expectations or expectations from family, friends, society.... yourself?? :)

It was gr8 reading your thoughts on "Assumptions".
Thanks for sharing.

ps. "You are not who others think you are" But. If others think you are something that you are not..? Does that make them or you crazy? :D

Thanks again.


Didn't you know that we are born with known abilities? Our priori knowledge makes us special. You should know that, gosh.