In the Eye of the Beholder.

I wonder why this is an adult community?

In some ways, my musing on such a trivial topic reflects my thoughts on intelligent people.

For a start, some of the intelligence that has impressed me most in my life is that of young children. I do not believe in the notion of angelic innocence of children, to me it is a matter of them having a different set of experiences, perceptions and mental tools, not a matter of adults having an automatic superiority or wisdom by virtue of their age. Indeed, as adults, we lose some of the unique mental abilities of children.

In a similar vein, I think that all adults have something unique and special to offer, their own intelligences if you will. It is just a shame that most of us are not encouraged to access our individual intelligences, for reasons cultural, social and sometimes, simply logistical.

This is one of the wonderful things about this site - it gives people a chance to delve into their unique accumulation of learnings, experiences, choices, context, know-how and self - that intelligence that is the cognitive reflection of identity. There are many people whose stories I admire and learn from who would not ordinarily come across as a person defined by their intelligence, and yet they have very capable and potent minds.

I do not, by the way, mean this story as a being "against" the members of this group! It's just a few musings of mine on the subject. :)
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Very well thought out post. Thanks for sharing.

While I think I understand where you are coming from, I don't believe that children have access to faculties that are lost in adulthood. Those same faculties are still present, they are just unused. Most commonly this is just due to adult life. If children had to pay utility bills, go to work, navigate the social world with accountability, they would probably not be stopping to wonder why the sky is blue either. I think that the nurturing of this form of innocence, essentially just an unfiltered curiosity and freedom of ex<x>pression, in ourselves as adults is the best gift we can give our adult selves.

One of the most intelligent observations I've read on EP.<br />
Would share conversations with you any day.

I noticed some years ago that there are many, many types of genius. There's social genius, athletic genius, scientific, artistic, comical, ethical, mechanical and a myriad of others. At the same time, any of these types of geniuses may, from time to time, show complete lack of reason. I like to encourage everyone to develop their own mindset and theology as long as its not detrimental to others wellbeing.

oh and btw - i wasn't saying that *i* am brilliant but those i consider to be have experienced similar situations as i have wherein they are around people whose intellect makes them feel inferior. i suppose this happens on all levels and to every one. i agree that society defines intellect but i believe that the potential we are born with is not equal to all others i believe there to be boundaries set forth by genetics and that upbringing, experiences and so on serve to further mold the intellect ... or so i think...

That's very true. Even with the best intentions, I find that my prejudices about intelligence are still lodged quite deeply, and can take a lot of effort to overcome. And you are very correct that conformity of thinking is a very powerful pressure in society. As a side note, I do think that some of us are just born with more brain power or less brain power than others, but the differences are grossly exaggerated by the society and culture.

And comforting to those of us who think theyre as thick as pig s h i t ahem, actually i do think intelligently, it just doesnt transport to my fingers lol

like you, i believe each individual has their own set of 'pearls' and 'nuggets' regardless of their IQ. what i've found is that there are those i consider to be extremely intelligent, more so than myself. however, they have run into the same - finding or being surrounded by those smarter than themselves and feeling 'less than' what they truly are - brilliant! we all have a degree of intellect. past experiences and perception, along with an endless array of variables will play into each individual's discernment of another's level of intellect. and it's absolutely mind numbing when you are confronted by an adult reality, tidbit of logic, comprehensive analysis or something of that nature which comes from a child. realizing children possess this ability, when we look at them as experience virgins, is quite literally awe-inspiring. if they, at that age, are capable of such ... what are we truly capable of as adults with experience? to me, when i consider this it prompts me to consider the fact that we are not fulfilling our intellectual capacity and ability. the potential is there as we only utilize ?% (a VERY low percentage - single digits i believe but don't remember) of our 'mature' brains.

Thank you :) But don't be fooled by my pretty words. I'm just verbally intelligent, the rest of me can be as daft as a post at times :P