Intelligence Is Priceless

I so enjoy enlightened conversations. My favorite 'intelligent' people that I enjoy participating in discussions with, are people with open minds that will listen, contemplate and add to the ideas. It is ok to disagree and emphasize your point of view with supporting references, etc...

People that think they 'know it all' are really not fun to converse with. I am not going to lie, every once in a while my 'ego monster' will rear it's ugly head but I always try to keep an open mind & accept/ ponder/ evaluate information.

My favorite intelligent people are the one's with sardonic wit. I could spend hours bantering with them...


"Great minds discuss ideas,

Average minds discuss events,

Small minds discuss people"

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No tool is more beneficial than intelligence. No enemy is
more harmful than ignorance.
-- Abu Abdullah Muhammad al-Harithi al-Baghdadi al-Mufid

awwww....I do like talking to you silly!!!

last 3 verses are great

A friend of mine shared it with me and my officemates...we took offense when our co-workers were questioning if we were drinking at lunch time. Well of course we are! We have to work with so many idiots (staff), a little refreshment just makes it more bearable =)

Your killing me... your quote is tacked up at my "desk" at work... thank you Mrs. Roosevelt!

That last quote is very true.<br />
<br />
If you ever want to bounce ideas back and forth, I'm game.

Gossip & drama are the worst topics to discuss. Especially when it involves celebrities...who cares right?!