An Older Man

I've recently met this man that has captivated me. When I think of him I get "goosebumps". I mean none of this in a sexual way. I am male and heterosexual. Nevertheless I stand by my earlier statements. He has a wonderful mind. He's about 55 years older than I am and has accomplished so much in his life. What impresses me the most about him however is his intelligence and intellect. Taking away the fact that he's a black man, with a first degree in math and physics and a masters in quantum mechanics, earned at a time and place when Negroes were deliberately restricted from like accomplishments, the thing that stands out about him is his ability to speak intelligently about almost anything.

Whenever we converse I learn. Not about math or physics or anything academic for that matter, but everyday things. And his insights and perspectives cause me to reevaluate my own. In general, I love those aha moments you get when you've spoken to someone intelligent that opens up paths of thought that you've never considered before. Or when you've held on to an ideal or belief for so long and someone comes in and shatters them, only to replace them with something much more substancial. People with whom you end a conversation with, feeling as if your mind grew! 

Anyway, that was my first experience to share here. I like intelligent people and this "older man" is really intelligent.

OnlyfeliX ;-)

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1 Response Mar 11, 2010

You have a man-crush! hahahahaha