I Don't Want to Sound Like An Elitist

but people with low IQ's get on my nerves. And they very much try my patients. Especially when they want me to teach them something or explain to them something. I hate having to slow myself down to their speed, I really can't do it, I have a hard enough time getting myself slowed down enough to keep me from having and OCD freak out. And I hate having to explain things to people who don't even have a large enough vocabulary to know what I'm saying. And it's only going to get worse as I learn new words by learning other languages, i'm naturally going to start substituting the old english word for new non-english ones
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you have no point. yeesh, this is exactly the kind of stupidity that annoys me

um, I said I DIDN'T want to be elitist, I just like my friends to be intelligent. You guys seem to be getting awfully defensive and agressive, something wrong? I mean, chewing someone out because of a learning disabiliy that produces a few miss spelled words....do you have better things to do with your time?

this is why I hate trying to explain something to people on the lower end of the curve, they either don't get it or do want to get it. sheesh, get a life

um, but people with low IQ's DO get on my nerves. wow

wow, who needs to get overthemselves? I state personal feelings, and you accuse me of being judgemental and insult me becuase of a learning disability. That's low.<br />
And for the record, I don't ask people their IQ score when I meet them, I can usually just tell the difference between intelligent and unintelligent people.<br />
<br />
I wish I had the time to waste insulting people and trying to put words in people's mouths. It must be nice for you

it's not a matter of criticizing anyone, it's just my personal preferance for who I like to have in my company. And it doesn't mater if you think IQ isn't important, in my personal experience, I know that people with higher IQ's are easier for me to talk to and frustrait me far less than people with low IQ's.

who said anything about a doctor? I do have dysgraphia which makes it extremely difficult for me to learn how to spell, and I simply can't hand write. does that answer you question sparrow?