Intelligence + A Sense Of Humor

When you can find an intelligent person who is not only smart, but has a great sense of humor to go with those brains, you have yourself a person that I want to know.  The laughter is important because I know then while this person does have a head on their shoulders, more often than not these same people don't use their intelligence to think they are superior to the rest of the world.  

I enjoy nothing better than getting to know a person and finding out how varied their interests are and they are just not focused on whatever it is they are pursuing in their life, to me that is part of being an intelligent person, opening yourself to new ideas and thoughts.  People who are intelligent but have a closed mind are probably some of the most ignorant people I know and I don't waste to much time on them.  Yeah they are an "expert" in their field, but they don't know much of anything else that is happening in the world around them.

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2 Responses Apr 13, 2010

I rarely, if ever, remember jokes but I love them. Sometimes, I make people laugh just because of my observations. Wish I was really fun and funny and could make people laugh often. I know you can't just go through life being a clown...and they say clowns are often sad beneath their mask but it's a gift if you can radiate just the right amount of mirth and amusement....a gift to share.

I'm guessing you'll like me then :)