Just Wanting A Friend To Talk To

It all started off innocently enough. I answered an online site request to have a friend to talk to. I replied that I would be delighted. She then sent me a picture of herself... she was Beautiful! We began to chat first via email, and then via text. We talked about our lives, and pretty much everything, politics, religion, touchy subjects, ethnic differences & culture, and yes...sexuality. It was not long before she began to share with me her circumstance of her marriage, and how she married out of duty more than love. She went on to state that she had not been intimate with her husband now for literally years. We continued to talk over the next several weeks, sometimes more flirtatiously than others. Then, on her birthday.. we Skyped. When she came online, she was wearing this beautiful black neglege! I nearly fell on the floor! She was Gorgeous, and exuded sensuality! I asked her stand and turn around for me... OMG.. I couldn't believe how beautiful she was! She then asked me to do the same. Then she asked me to take off some of my clothes.... so... I did! I got down to my drawers, and she saw how big my bulge was! I then asked her to lower her top. Out popped two beautiful perky breasts... just perfect for sucking on... Man was she HOT!!! she then sat down in a chair in front of the camera after letting the neglege drop, and began to touch herself! Naturally,  let my drawers drop, and did the same... we were both so very horny.. and it wasn't long until we both got off from watching each other!  Then,... fate stepped in. It turned out that I would be relatively close on business to where she lived, and so we decided to arrange to see each other by going to a movie.
Well, the day finally came when we were able to meet. We drove to the theater, and when we go out of the cars, our lips met,.. and the chemistry was electric!  We proceeded in to the theater & went up to the top row. Because it was early and in the middle of the week, the theater was almost empty. Almost immediatel we proceeded to make out, .. and more. Within moments, she was sitting on my lap, with her back to the screen, feeling my hardness against her wet panties. My hands explored her beautiful caramel body, as our lips and tongues danced. I loved how her neck felt, and hearing her moan as we continued our exploration of each other. Suddenly, she sat back in her chair, and began to unbuckle my pants. Within moments, she had my **** out.. and was stroking it as we continued to passionately kiss. Then.. she went down and began to suck my long hard ****... OMG!!!...she was so sexy!....after a few minutes, she came up... leaving a long trail of saliva as she did!.. once again our mouths connected. Over and over again we kissed and kissed. My mouth trailed down to her ****, and I teased and nibbled and bit those sweet nipples... making her moan and grab my head as I did so... She kept rubbing my **** all the while! We hardly watched but moments of the movie, but instead continued are all but love-making session. Finally, she had to leave. As I walked her out along the corridor inside the theater, we stopped.  I pushed her against the wall and began kissing and grabbing her again... this time my hand began to stroke her puffy ***** lips as her knee rode up to my hips.  Then she switched me around and I continued to stroke her sweet hard ****,, and caress her *****... Our passion was beyond control!!! Suddenly we noticed someone walking by us... OMG!!! we stopped... kissed a couple more times.. and then she .... reluctantly lef!  Is there more to come?... we both hope so... but only time will tell!
campeion1 campeion1
41-45, M
May 18, 2012