I Dunno What Came Over Me

me and my boyfriend have always had a simple sex life, but things had started to get a bit boring. after we have had fights or arguments iv noticed our sex becomes much more fulfilling. one day, i decided during sex to make him as angry as possible to see the response i would get. As he is a very proud guy, i started telling him he was **** and useless. he got so angry an slapped me across he face. he looked so stunned for a second, but after seeing the smile on my face went on to calling me his dirty little ***** and telling me i will take whatever he gives me. A couple of evenings later i turned up at his house, as i went to say hello he put his hand over my mind and told me i do not speak unless spoken to, and tonight i would be his to control. my heart was racing in excitement as he demanded i ***** down to my underwear in his hallway. He made me crawl up the stairs on my hands and knees spanking my *** as we went. As we were outside his room and grabbed my hair and stopped me where i was, he placed  a blindfold on me and picked me up. i felt helpless but so excited. he placed me down on his bed and tied my arms down. He spread my legs and tie them apart. Being blindfolded and tied down made me completely helpless and i loved it, we then proceeded to have the best night of my life. i now look forward to these little surprises as i never know what to expect :)
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3 Responses Aug 9, 2010

What a nice start. Thank you for sharing.

That seems like a perfect way to be introduce to be controlled. An excellent first time! From reading your other stories, you are having great fun. Way to go girl! Kisses, Hadar.

Yep, I love it! <br />
Tied, spanked, sex = absolute pleasure!<br />
Enjoy it to the full.