I'm not the freaky kind. I'm 18, and I haven't had that much experience. But over the weekend, the events that occurred were amazing. I was with a friend who I have shared a couple encounters with. He gave me his birthday money so I can count it but I just kept it and sarcastically replied thanks to it, as he gave it to me. We were drinking and he forgot to get it back. I slept in his sisters room, (she was out of the country). Nothing had happened between us all night, but as I'm removing my leather jacket and jewelry he storms in and looks into my eyes and he has this malicious look, and demands his money. I kept pretending like I didnt know What he was talking about. But I actually had the money in my left side of my bra. He checked in my pants. Like all over the place and then he dared to check in my bra. He groped here and there but I snatched his hand before he could touch my left boob. He said if I didn't give him the money, he would choke me. And I didn't believe him but he pulled me to the bed and choked me. I managed to
Squirm out and stand up. And them he went for it again, but this time he turned me around and pulled on my hair as he choked me and he pressed his body against mine. He was breathing heavily into my ear and I had never been so turned on. I told him if he would let me go I'd tell him where his money was. But all I did was take the chance to run away from him but he caught me and he did it again. I loved it. I took a 50 from my left boob and gave it to him. He then he checked my left boob and found the cash and he would not let go of my boob. Jesus I was so horny by then. I grabbed on to his **** and pulled him out of my room. Then when he fell asleep I slipped into his room, retrieved a sweater of his and took off my clothes and just wore that and my lace panties. I jumped on him and took his arms and tied them using my underwear. It was the best night ever. I still can't believe it happened. Rough play is great play.
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Nov 29, 2012