Work Again

So I was working today, wearing sweatpants that were too long and too big (it was dress down day) and an orange shirt that was too short.

Today I had to sit on the floor in the back room with 4 of my co-workers and sort things into different boxes.

When I sat down, I felt about 3 inches of crack come out. I was the first one there. When the 2 guys and 2 girls (my co-workers) walked in, one guy laughed and the girl said "pull up your pants!" So I pulled them up but only a little bit.

Later, we had to then carry those boxes to a location in the store, crouch down, on our knees, and then slide the boxes through on a conveyor belt. So I carried my boxes to the conveyor belt, and my 4 co-workers were behind me. So I crouched down and my whole butt came out and I heard my co-workers take pictures and then one of the guys reached down and started fingering my crack and then we went into a room and I let him finger my crack and he was so happy.
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4 Responses Jun 10, 2013

He was so happy and you were so happy too.


Now that was a hot story