To The Donut Shop

This morning I decided that I want to show some ***. So this time I walked to the donut shop to get some breakfast.

On the walk there I was wearing a neat t-shirt that covered an inch of my crack and my Hot Topic skinny jeans that were a bit big at the waist.

From the start my jeans were already half way down my *** and, of course, I'm not wearing any underwear. So I knew that the whole time, people would be getting an eye-full on their way to work.

And when I reached the parking lot, there were a couple of guys getting into their trucks. Now, I am full on sagging at this point, I was persistently showing my *** to the world around me, including those two guys. When they saw me, I knew they saw some *** already, but I noticed my shoe was untied so I squatted down to tie it. Those two guys were laughing uproariously and were throwing pennies at my ***! One of them actually fell in my crack! They left and I went into the donut shop.

In the donut shop I was placing my order for a box of donuts. And while I was waiting there was another guy standing right next to me. I pulled my pants up after those two guys left, but they were nearly completely off my *** once I got in the store. I could feel the cool breeze of the store on my buttcheeks and I enjoyed it, and apparently, the guy next to me liked my ***.

I noticed this and I decided to nonchalantly move my *** towards him. He then proceeded to get hard and pull my skinny jeans underneath my buttcheeks then put his hand on my *** and start squeezing my cheeks. I'm not gay, or anything, but I really enjoyed that. I then got my box of donuts and then walked out of the store. And I'm sure the lady at the counter got an eye-full as well.

Outside, I pulled my pants up again, only to let them fall down again on the walk home. halfway through the walk my jeans were below my *** completely. cars were honking at me and at one point a garbage truck drove by and I'm sure they got a good look a my sweet ***.

So, yeah. That was a great way to start off my day!

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1 Response Jul 17, 2013